Groz's Internet and Code Stuff

I've been an 'Internet Spod' since the early 1990's when the Internet first became available to the public. In the early naughties, I signed us up for some of the first ADSL services, and since upgraded through ADSL2+. More recently, BT offered FTTC technology where I live, and so I wanted to be one of the first to use this service.

After considerable difficulty getting BT to install the service that they paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide, I eventually got us running with speeds of 37.5Mb/s down and 7.5Mb/s up stream rates.

Most recently, I have upgraded our LAN infrastructure to give resilience between the FTTC service provided by BT and the ADSL2+ service provided by Demon. After extensive research and some advice, I chose a DrayTek unit. This allows me to pass through all of the BT traffic, and therefore cleanly route appropriate ports to our web server as well as handle internal routing (the BT router doesn’t do this cleanly).

Below is a simplified diagram (IP addresses and port mapping information deliberately removed) showing how I have achieved this. Click on the image for a full size version.